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A Haunting In Venice

I saw this third instalment of 'Hercules Poirot’s' detective adventure adapted from "Agatha Christie’s" “Halloween Party” and simply found it amongst the best of the three. Directed by "Kenneth Branagh" who has himself deftly played 'Hercules Poirot' in all three films, 'A Haunting in Venice' does complete justice to the complexity of the feminine.

Playing the retired detective here who is taken out of his slumber by none other than the charming novelist played by “Tina Fey”, Poirot goes on this adventure which becomes all the more horrifying as the ghosts here are trapped children. The goth, horror and mystery in the film intensify exploring the realm of the unknown and the possibility of its existence. The film ultimately became what I expected and predicted.

Check out the film on Disney Hotstar to unravel the mystery!

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